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Why build National Cathedral when … – Spiritual leader wonders

Sofoɔ Komfoɔ Atsu Kove says he does not think a National Cathedral is what Ghanaians need now

The Head of Afrikania Mission in Ghana, Sofoɔ Komfoɔ Atsu Kove says there is no need to build a National Cathedral in the current state of the country’s economy.   

The Neo-Traditional Movement head says there are so many important things government can focus on instead of ‘hypocritically’ embarking on the construction of a National Cathedral.

According to Sofoɔ Atsu Kove, ‘so many people are suffering in the country, there is no money to fund free education, there is no money to solve the problem of filth at many places…. So why would you waste such an amount of money to build a Cathedral for which church, for what purpose, what’s its significance?’

“I don’t think a National Cathedral is what Ghanaians need now since most churches in the country have their own church buildings already,” Sofoɔ Komfoɔ Atsu Kove said on Accra based Peace FM on Wednesday, August 29, 2018.

His remarks come amidst controversy over a proposed National Cathedral to be built by government.

Some individuals including spiritual leaders have lauded government for the cause, while others have spoken against it.

The constitutionality of the construction of the National Cathedral is also being challenged in court by a member of the Convention People’s Party [CPP], James Bomfeh.


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