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We don’t support our own – Antwi Hamilton

Gospel musician, Mrs. Diana Antwi Hamilton

Gospel musician, Mrs. Diana Antwi Hamilton says some persons are of the perception that recently, Nigerian gospel music has taken over Ghanaian gospel music in the country.

This, she said, is due to the fact that ‘Ghanaians don’t support their own.’

A lot of Ghanaians, according to her, would chase a gospel music recorded abroad and abandon what has been recorded locally by a sound engineer in Ghana.

Speaking on Entertainment Review show monitored by The Probe on Peace FM today, Antwi Hamilton said: “We prefer foreign things to what we have done here [Ghana].”

She however, indicated that Nigerians think Ghanaians support theirs more than they [Nigerians] support theirs,  because Ghanaian gospel musicians are doing better. “The grass looks greener mostly on the other side until you get on it,” she said.

Sometimes, according to Mrs. Hamilton, one has to be careful with looking at the issue of Nigerian gospel music doing better than Ghanaian gospel music. There are times Nigerian artistes do not do well at all abroad, in terms of pulling crowd during a gospel show, she noted.

Mrs. Hamilton stated also that mostly, Nigerian artistes get the needed support to promote their music which is not the case here in Ghana.

A lot of artistes in Ghana, according to her, suffer to get support in making and promoting their songs, as a result, sometimes producing substandard songs.

There are times that a Nigerian artiste would get a motorcade to escort him/her to a venue to perform, but a Ghanaian artiste would not be accorded that same respect, thus, ‘not treating our own well,’ she indicated.

According to the gospel artiste, who has five albums to her credit, she has been told by a colleague that a Nigerian law directs that a DJ cannot play a foreign song for more than two minutes while a Nigerian song should be played to the end.

In Ghana, she said, it is the opposite. “A DJ in Ghana would play a Nigerian song and repeat it several times and say the song is nice so it should be repeated, while a Ghanaian artiste would have to sometimes notify a DJ with a text to play his/her song before he ‘may’ play it,” she said.

“I’ve heard that a certain Ghanaian pastor says he’ll never invite a Ghanaian artiste on his stage. If other things are coming in, we need to ask ourselves and begin to handle these little things that are in their own small ways gathering to create the bigger problem,” Mrs Hamilton advocated.

Diana Antwi Hamilton has several hit songs to her credit including Eye Woa, Work in progress, Yehowa Behwe and the latest, Mmo Ne Yo.


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