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We could grow, export ‘wee’ for revenue – Samini suggests

Samini says he needs a license to grow and export marijuana [wee]
Reggae/dancehall artiste, Emmanuel Andrews Samini, popularly known in the music industry as Samini, says he needs a license to grow and export marijuana [wee] which could earn the country more revenue than other cash crops.

Samini says ‘wee’ could be sold to the pharmaceutical industries in and outside the country for the production of their various medicines.

Speaking on Okay FM during the week, he said: “I want a license to grow the ‘weed’ and sell to the industries so they could used to produce their various drugs and every other thing important apart from smoking.”

Responding to the question whether he went into farming to grow ‘weed,’ the My Own hit maker said: “I’m a farmer, so if I get the license, I’ll grow the ‘weed’ and supply to the medical industry, to the oil industry,…….you know, different, different industries that use marijuana as raw material or as base for what they produce.”

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According to him, the ban of the use of marijuana should not be based on smoking only, since there are several other benefits of the plant.

“So you can ban the smoking of it in town, in public; and use of it as a recreational drug, you can ban. But, you should allow farmers to grow it because every country in the world has something the soil can grow,” Samini stated.

He said though we grow cocoa in the country, marijuana could be grown to supplement cocoa and the other cash crops for extra revenue for the country.

Samini has a number of hit songs to his credit including Linda, Movement, Obaa, Do That, Ye Ko Paapi and the latest My Own.


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