Voters ID card could be included in Ghana card registration – Kufuor

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor says voters ID card could be included in the forms of identification for the Ghana card registration.

According to the former President, although the National Identification Authority (NIA) is working in accordance with laws governing the exercise, however, voters ID card may be included for every Ghanaian be registered for the Ghana card.

Speaking on Peace FM’s midday news on Wednesday, June 27, 2018, he said: “The NIA came to my house to register me yesterday and the press who came along asked me about this voters ID card issue and thus my remark.”

“They are working within the laws governing the exercise, so if you want to change the laws, you have to go to parliament to do so. If they didn’t include the voters ID card,…they know why they didn’t include it, if not, I would say they should b fast about it.”

Mr Kuffour said the Ghana card is very vital because it will help in knowing the number of Ghanaians, a real Ghanaian, and help government to plan how to develop the country.

“We are talking about identification, and if you don’t have anything to testify to your nationality you will be excluded in anything going on in the country,” he said.

“For the minority who are saying they won’t register; in case elections are going to be held and it’s only the Ghana card that can be used to vote, they’ll be found wanting,” Kufuor cautioned.

The former President further indicated that it is as a result of the minority’s protest that voters ID card should be included as a form of identification to register for the Ghana card that he made the appeal, so that everyone can register.

“Although the NIA knows what they are doing, I just shared my thoughts on the issue,” he stated.

He said if the Ghana card becomes the only source of identification to vote in any election and some people don’t have it, it will be a problem.

“As an election observer in Mali sometime ago, I observed that they were using this form of national ID card to vote. I’m sure the way things are headed, it’ll happen like that in Ghana,” Mr Kufuor observed.

According to him, the NIA has indicated that if you have a passport, birth certificate or two persons testify to your nationality, you can register for the Ghana card. Hence, it won’t be a problem to include the voters ID card which was used to vote not long ago.

“If they make public, the reasons why they have excluded the voters ID card, it’ll help us all,” he pleaded.

By O. Y. Addofoh||Ghana

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