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‘TV3 rejected me several times but …’ – Nana Ama

Nana Ama says she has always desired to be a presenter

Actress cum presenter Gloria Osei Sarfo popularly known in the showbiz industry as Nana Ama, says she was rejected by TV3 on several occasions at auditions to be a presenter but they came searching for her after many years.

According to Nana Ama, she had always had the desire to be a presenter, as a result, she went for several auditions but was rejected many times.

“As I’ve said, I had always desired to be a presenter. This same TV3 you’re talking about, I went for auditioning there so many times and I was rejected so many times. But it got to a point TV3 came looking for me.

“Do you know one thing I did, after being rejected for several times, I remember very well I once stood at the premises of TV3, and looked at the building at Adesawe and ‘spoke’ to the building […]. Oh yeah! I did it! Because, I grieved after being rejected, while I knew I was qualified,” she said on Atuu show on UTV with Abeiku Santana.

According to Nana Ama, it is very painful to watch a movie and see someone play a role you were rejected at an auditioning.

Nana Ama said she was sexually harassed as an upcoming actress years ago because of her ‘shape,’ [looking very much attractive at the time].

Some producers, directors and the likes harassed her as a young and upcoming actress, but never succumbed to their request, she indicated.

Nana Ama also said that not long ago, it got to a point she was not getting any role in movies. It was hard to comprehend why things turned that bad, she wondered.

She debunked rumours that she has quit TV3, but said the Music Music show was a contract, and ‘I would have renewed the contract but the programme itself is on break for re-branding.’

She said after the Music Music contract ended, an offer came from Angel TV and she took it.

Nana Ama has quite a number of movies to her credit and was well known for her character in Efiewura TV series which used to be aired on TV3.

She has done several voice overs for a number of advertisements of companies including MTN, Airtel, Vodafone, Tigo and Blueband.

According to her, perseverance has brought her to her current state. Nana Ama is not married but ‘I want to get married,’ she said.


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