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‘The v*gina is a spirit’ – Researcher claims

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A researcher and natural health campaigner, Oheneba Ntim-Barima says women’s vagina is actually ‘a spirit.’

According to Oheneba, our forefathers knew the vagina as a spirit, that is why they made women stay away from home during their menses, hence the phrase ‘ɔkɔ afikyire.’

“This is because those [forefathers] who were powerful knew their powers [juju] could be suppressed by a woman in her menses. It’s today that you joke with the vagina!

“You think the vagina is a small thing? Especially African woman’s vagina;  It’s very powerful!,” he said on Oman FM’s drive time programme.

Oheneba says, it is therefore not surprising that even before Christianity and the Bible made reference to women staying away during their menses, our forefathers knew the power of the female reproductive organ.

According to him, it is recently that some women do not know the power of the vagina, making them dress in a way that ‘exposes the shape of her vagina’ shamelessly.

“You know something, let me share my personal experience with you. They arrested a thief at a certain community who was very powerful. He was very wicked. So, when they captured him, they wanted to kill him. However, nothing they did to kill him succeeded.

“Then, someone said, a woman who’s menstruating should urinate on him. Not knowing one lady was menstruating; she urinated on him and instantly he [thief] became weak.

“Then come see the number of talisman [bansere] he had on his waist. It was the urine from a woman who’s menstruating that rendered all the ‘juju’ the thief had on him powerless,” Oheneba indicated.

He, however, explained that it is not because women are dirty during their menses that our forefathers wanted them to stay way, but because they [forefathers] were powerful and knew they could be rendered powerless by a woman in her menses.

“If you like let a woman curse you with her vagina and see what will happen,” he threw a challenge to persons who doubt his research.

Nowadays, people joke with the vagina! They joke with it; ‘some people are licking it and do all sort of nasty things with it. Don’t you know if you’re a man and you lick the vagina you’ll eventually become an imbecile?,’ Oheneba rhetorically asked.

According to him, licking the vagina is rendering a lot of men ‘stupid.’ Those men, he said, do not make any sensible statement.

“I was once going to the  farm with  my grandmother, and I was bitten by one big spider [kyemfoɔ]. I was in pain. But you know they say when you’re bitten by that spider, the pain goes down when it is sunset.

“We were then far from home and I was groaning seriously because the pain was unbearable. All of a sudden my grandmother inserted her finger into her private part, she removed it and smeared the fluid on the affected part, suddenly the pain disappeared.

“I was young so it didn’t occur to me. But now, after researching, I have found that wow … the vagina is a serious antibiotic,” Oheneba explained.

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According to him, research has shown that the vagina fluid kills bacteria.

He said, germs cannot survive in the vagina, because the fluid there is antibiotic.

“Look, one of my security men, he’s WO. His hand got swollen and no medication could make him feel better. He couldn’t sleep at night! And then, his grandmother inserted her finger into her private part and smeared the fluid on his hand. The next day he was alright,” Oheneba stated.

According to him, that does not mean if you have toothache and you lick the vagina, you will be healed.

He said, what the Bible says in ‘Leviticus 15:19’ does not mean that when a woman menstruates she is dirty, however, it is because menstrual blood is powerful; ‘it renders juju powerless!’ Hence, staying secluded to prevent such.


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