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‘The serial callers have evil intent’ – Ashanti Regional Minister cries out

Mr Simon Osei-Mensah says the serial callers have  gained enough since the NPP came to power. Photo Source: NewsFile

The Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei-Mensah, says the New Patriotic Party’s [NPP], serial callers in the region might have already planned evil to drag his name into their recent allegations.

Osei-Mensah says, even in opposition he assisted a lot of those serial callers, how much more in government.

“Everyone who knows me know that I’m benevolent. If I have I’ll let you know, if I don’t have I’ll let you know. In all that they’re saying, where did I go wrong!?,” he fumed as he explained himself on Okay FM Ade Akye Abia morning show on Thursday, September 13.

According to Mr Osei-Mensah, the serial callers have been catered for and gained enough since the NPP party came to power.

“If Kwabena Nyame [a serial caller] says he’s not gained anything, it’s between him and his God! I won’t say anything! If Kwabena Nyame says he’s not gained anything, it’s between him and his God!,” he fumed.

NPP serial callers in the Ashanti Region gathered to burn their mobile gadgets

According to him, he and some District Chief Executives [DCEs] set up a fund, where he pays ¢2 000 while the others pay ¢1 000 every month to cater for three particular groups.

He said the three groups included the personnel at party’s office, old members of the party and the party’s communicators [on air and serial callers].

Mr Osei-Mensah says, he requested for a list of communicators from the regional communication director, Kwasi Kyei, but the serial callers turned round and said they do not trust Kwasi Kyei for he has been squandering their monies.

He said he appointed the Mayor of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly [KMA], Osei Assibey Antwi and other  DCEs to assist them reconcile, afterwards they can summit the list.

NPP serial callers burning their mobile gadgets

According to Mr Osei-Mensah, the serial callers would be given ¢150.00 every month for call credit and the on air communicators would be given ¢200.00 or more every month.

Mr Osei-Mensah says, the serial callers are not happy with some monies they have received hence their allegations and actions.

According to him, Kwabena Nyame has made so many baseless allegations against  him not long ago, which have led to investigation into those allegations at the corridors of power.

“They can say whatever they want to say. If the President relieves me of my post from the Ashanti Region, I’ll go,” he stated.

He further stated that he did not enter politics to engage in any corrupt practices.

Responding to allegations that those serial callers have not been assisted to secure some menial jobs, he said the KMA Mayor offered them some jobs and they declined.

He, therefore, expressed disappointment at their public outburst and allegations against him.

He also debunked allegations that the NPP Regional Chairman, Mr Bernard Antwi-Boasiako [Chairman Wontumi] is the one behind the actions of the serial callers.

Mr Osei-Mensah’s comments come a day after the NPP serial callers in the Ashanti Region held a press conference to register their displeasure at the party and burnt their mobile phones amidst several allegations against the regional minister and some party leaders in the region.


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