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SHOCKING: Bitten by fellow human before? Read this!

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It is generally thought that snake bite is the most deadliest of almost all animal bites. 

So many people have died as a result of shake bites.

Some people do not even survive the next five minutes after a snake bite, while some may take a little more, and with swift medical attention they may survive.

This is because research has shown that different species of snakes carry different venom [poison] that react differently after a bite.

Bites from some domestic animals like the cat and dog are also found to be dangerous. But, have you ever wondered how dangerous human bite could be?

According to a Spiritualist/Herbalist, Dr. Alhaji Akanayo, human bite is one of the deadliest of all bites.

“Human bite has caused some individuals blindness, stroke, and rendered many impotent,” Dr. Akanayo said on Accra based Happy FM.

Dr. Alhaji Akanayo

According to him, as a result of human bite, some persons may treat a particular disease for several months or years without any improvement.

“The saddest part is that some people have the bite mark on their bodies: on the hand, on the neck,  on the cheek, and on the ear, hence spiritually preventing their quest of getting healed from their various ailments,” Alhaji Akanayo explained.

Bitten ear. Photo Source: Culled from the Internet

He says most of the cancer cases diagnosed in most of the hospitals are as a result of human bites.

According Dr. Akanayo, so many people are going through a lot of physical and spiritual trauma simply because they have been bitten by a fellow human before.

Dr. Akanayo, therefore, advised that persons bitten before by a fellow human make it a point and seek spiritual remedy accordingly.

By O. Y. Addofoh||Ghana

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