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School of Law entrance exam leakage; we’ve not received a petition yet – Ben Abdallah

Mr Banda says Parliament has not been petitioned yet over School of law exam leakage. Photo Source: Culled from the Internet

Member of Parliament for Offinso South Constituency, Ben Abdallah Banda, has indicated that since news of the leakage of Ghana School of Law entrance examination broke out, Parliament has not received any petition to that effect yet.

Ben Abdallah says, he became privy to the leakage when a colleague MP posted it on their Judiciary Committee platform after the entrance exam on Friday, July 27, 2018.

Speaking on Peace FM’s 6pm news on Monday, July 30, 2018, Mr Abdallah said, he was called to be interviewed on matter and stated that he is aware of it but parliament has yet not been petitioned.

He explained that: “The reason why some of the students are saying the exam leaked is that after the paper, the alleged leaked questions were the same as the questions they answered. Also, those questions were together with their answers and marking scheme.

“Fine, what I’ll say is that, it’s an allegation. And you can’t just make any allegation and expect us to believe; you have to provide evidence. You have to take the evidence to appropriate quarters, and to the appropriate authorities that can investigate the matter, for instance the General Legal Council (GLC),” Mr Abdallah stated.

Honourable Ben Abdallah Banda, who is also the Chairperson for Judiciary Committee of Parliament indicated that, when he spoke on the matter earlier Monday morning, he also explained that: “Because Parliament is an institution that represents the whole country, and also has oversight responsibility over ministries and their agencies, if these law school students who are alleging of exam leakage petition Parliament or the Speaker, I believe he’ll do whatever necessary to refer the petition to a committee in Parliament. And any investigation that should to be carried out by Parliament will be done. Any other recommendations that must be added to the investigations will also be added, so that this issues could be handled properly.”

According to Mr Banda, if it is true that over a thousand students sat for the exam and some of them had access to leaked questions then so many things were inappropriately handled.

“At where the exam questions were set, where the exam papers were printed and in fact at the point when the papers were being taking to the exam hall, or even where the papers were stored before they were taken to the exam hall, I believe so many things were inappropriately handled, if this exam leakage allegation is true,” he stated.

According to the MP for Offinso South, what he will say is that it is an allegation, because as at now Parliament has not been petitioned.


The Probe reported on Sunday July 29, 2018 that some aggrieved LLB holders have called on the General Legal Council (GLC) to investigate the circumstances in which the questions and marking scheme for the Ghana School of Law entrance examination allegedly got leaked.

After the examination on Friday, July 27, 2018, at the University of Ghana campus in Accra, some candidates jubilated following their ability to have had access to the leaked questions and marking scheme.

A source told The Probe that the supposed leaked questions and marking scheme were on WhatsApp prior to the examinations.

Spokesperson for the group, who pleaded anonymity, told The Probe that the Council needs to cancel the paper and reset another questions for them since some candidates will be on the disadvantage side.

Checks by The Probe indicated that the 1800 candidates, who sat for the examination, were given three different halls.

According to the source, who also pleaded anonymity, most candidates who wrote the examination at the New ‘N’ Block and Cafeteria, had access to the questions with marking scheme.

The two hours paper was grouped under ‘section A’ which had twenty (20) multiple choice questions and three questions under ‘Section B’ with question one being compulsory.

The compulsory question (with its marking scheme) is what is purported  to have been circulated on social media to the surprise of other candidates who had no access to the questions.

Checks indicated that the Registrar of the Ghana School of Law, Nana Osei-Bonsu,  is on leave as he was not available for comment on the issue.

Later it was revealed that Nana Osei-Bonsu is no more the Registrar of the School of Law.

Below are images of the alleged leaked questions and marking scheme which The Probe sited:

By O. Y. Addofoh||Ghana

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