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Scared of blindness? Don’t stare at the vag*na!

Applying an eye drop. Image culled from the internet.

The eye is undoubtedly one of the integral parts of the human body as it serves as light that enables us see and interpret things around us.

This, many are those with various conditions of eye diseases spending sums of monies at eye clinics across the globe to keep their eyes in ‘good shape.’

Man’s eyes being examined. Image culled from the internet.

But, what if you are offered a free consultancy on how to safeguard your eyes [if you already do not have issues with it]? If you are eager for such then the Chief Executive Officer of the Akanayo Herbal Clinic at Kwahyeman in the Greater Accra region has that news for you.

Speaking on Accra based Happy FM, the spiritualist and herbalist said that one could skip possible blindness by not staring at the vagina [of women].

“God specially created the vagina and one must not stare at it at day time [in light]. This is why in the olden days sex was a night affair. It is amazing how people, during sex, would just have a good look at the vagina. A continues stare of it [vagina], over time, leaves the onlooker with eye problems which could lead to blindness,” Dr. Alhaji Akanayo said.

Dr. Alhaji Akanayo

He indicated that if a research would be conducted, on his claim, it will be established that many gynecologists wear contact lenses due to their constant staring at the vagina.

“Have we ever asked ourselves why many gynecologists wear lenses? The connection between staring at the vagina and developing an eye problem is something spiritual. That’s how God made it. Just avoid staring at the vagina if you could, to save yourself,” he cautioned.

By Juliana Ama Gyan||Ghana

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