Sankore: Irate youth clash with police

Some irate youth have attacked the Sankore police station in the Asunafo South District of the Brong Ahafo region.

So far five police officers are reported wounded as a result of the attack by the youth.

Reporting from the Brong Ahafo region for 3FM, Richard Boahin indicated that the prime suspect in the attack has also sustained serious injuries and on admission at the Goaso Government Hospital.

According to Richard, the prime suspect Kwadwo Makuze is accused of various offences in the area.


At about 3am, Sunday morning, August 12, a police officer is reported to have made an attempt to arrest  Kwadwo Makuze who is accused of series of offences.

“He [Kwadwo Makuze] led a gang to attack some soldiers on a patrol duty around the Abonwere Forest Reserve in the area. This same guy is reported to have attacked and robbed some Chinese, some of whom are still on admission at the Goaso Government Hospital following the injuries they sustained in the attack. He’s also a rapist. He’s said to have raped some school girls in the area,” Richard Boahin reported during 3FM 6pm news.

According to Richard, the police officer tried to arrest him [Kwadwo Makuze] when he saw him on Sunday, but some youth at Sankore obstructed the arrest.

The police then called for reinforcement and some police officers were later deployed to the area.

Richard reports that later in the day, some youth of Sankore who seem to have been supporting this [Kwadwo Makuze] guy, or conniving with him to commit the series of crimes, were carried in about three tricycles and carrying arms, stormed the town.

The youth  begun firing indiscriminately. The action prompted the police to rush to the scene to try to restore law and order. Five police officers sustained various degrees of injuries in their attempted to restore order.

The suspect [Kwadwo Makuze] also sustained injuries making it possible for the police to arrest him.

All those who sustained injuries were rushed to the Goaso Government Hospital, where they were treated and discharged.

It is now left with only the suspect and one police officer at the hospital receiving treatment.


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