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Offinso-Namong: Irate youth pelt stones, attack students of Namong SHS

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Some fuming youth of Namong at Offinso in Ashanti region have reportedly attacked students of Namong Senior High/Technical School [NASHTS] after a fight between the school’s cadet and a day student.

Most of the boarding students have reportedly vacated/left the school.

A student [name withheld] who spoke to The Probe on the sidelines of the incident explained that: “On Saturday night, October 13, 2018, during entertainment, a day student came there and he was asked to dress properly by the school’s cadet, he declined and fought them.

“So, on Sunday, he brought his friends from town to attack us. Because our toilet is close to the school’s wall, they stand behind and when you want to go ease yourself they throw stones at you.”

The youth who came to attack the students are said to be ‘wee’ smokers.

According to our source, one of the attackers from the Namong township was captured by the school’s cadet on the Sunday and was beaten.

“As a result, they came back at night and threw more stones to render us sleepless,” he indicated.

One of the housemasters of Namong SHS is said to have pleaded with the youth to desist from the act but to no avail.

Three police patrol officers came later to calm nerves in the school but did not disperse the youth who are still behind the walls of the school pelting stones.

The headmistress of the school is said to have been transferred to another school. A new headmistress, who is reported have been transferred to Namong SHS, is not stable as her transfer is not finalized.

Remaining boarding students who may want to leave the school for home will have to mingle with the day students after class to do so.

A guardian who also spoke to The Probe expressed worry about the incident and requested the intervention of the military to disperse the youth and maintain order at the premises of the school.


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