Obuasi snake with horn; making mountain out of molehill?

A piece of sack was used to tie around the neck of the live snake to make it easier to carry it along and free it in the forest

The people of Obuasi municipality in the Ashanti Region were recently thrown into a state of fear and panic after a python was captured at the premises of AngloGold Ashanti, on Wednesday, October 3.

This follows a prophecy by Prophet Reindolph Oduro Gyebi [Eagle Prophet] that a river god in Obuasi would turn into a very big snake and roam in the area.

According to the prophet, this is as a result of some miners at the area refusing to honour their promises to perform rituals for the river god after seeking its help in their activities.

Based on the Eagle Prophet’s prophecy, when the python was captured last Wednesday by workers of AngloGold Ashanti, people living in the Nyam community could not, but believed that the prophecy was being fulfilled.

However, speaking on the sidelines of issues, the Senior Manager in Charge of Sustainability at AngloGold Ashanti, Nana Ampofo Bekoe told The Probe that some persons are just making a mountain out of molehill.

According to him, he is privy to the Prophet’s prophecy, “but for us at AngloGold Ashanti, one of our policies is that we respect the environment, so as part of our biodiversity preservation and conservation, we protect snakes as well.

“So when we find sake in our estate, we have a team of representatives from various departments who have been trained in how to catch snakes. So we catch them and take them to their natural habitat which is the forest and bush and then we set them free.”

Nana Ampofo said, catching of snakes and setting them free is something that happens all the time at AngloGold Ashanti which should not create fear and panic.

“So, this is just another snake, that our security guys, and fortunately for them they had one of the snake catching experts amongst them. So they saw the snake and captured it, because it was headed where it was going to expose itself to people. And they caught it and took it to its natural environment,” he explained.

According to him, it was in the process of bringing the snake to their premises that some people in the Nyam community saw it and ‘against the backdrop of the prophecy, it ignited the community’s attention and almost everybody came out to catch a glimpse of the snake.’

We are not in any position to know that it is a river god that turned into the snake, for us, all we know is we found another snake and carried out our normal activity, Nana Ampofo said.

“But people have their own faith and beliefs, so they are free to think along the lines they want to think. So if they think that it’s the snake the Prophet prophesied about, no problem,” he stated.

Nana Ampofo further stated that the snake is a python, that is why it has  a horn on top of its head, ‘because when pythons grow to a certain level they grow horn, it’s normal!.’

By: O. Y. Addofoh||Ghana

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