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NACOB nabs 2 Nigerians for packaging drugs in ‘Kako’

The Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) has arrested two Nigerian nationals for attempting to traffic some substance suspected to be narcotics through the General Post Office in Accra.

The two suspects, Theophilus Biney, alias Godwin Orji, 37 years and Jeff Nnaana-K, 36 years, all residents in Ghana were picked up by officials of NACOB. They were arrested at different locations for their involvement in an attempt to traffic Methamphetaminea narcotic drug to the Philippines.

Suspect, Theophilus Biney, alias Godwin Orji. Photo Source: NACOB

According to a release issued by the Communication and Media Relations Unit of NACOB, Methamphetamine is a whitish crystallise synthetic stimulant which is mainly used as recreational drug and highly addictive and increases alertness, endurance and feelings of wellbeing of abusers.

“Its addictive nature causes the body temperature of the abuser to rise so high that he/she could pass out. It also causes severe itching. Methamphetamine has the high tendency of causing emotional and thinking anxieties,” the release stated.

Theophilus Biney was apprehended after attempting to post the parcels of stock fish, locally known as ‘Kako’, which contained the narcotic drug. The total weight of the narcotic drug is 21.7kgs.

The suspected narcotic substance packaged in Kako. Photo Source: NACOB

“Theophilus upon his arrest admitted ownership of the package and when interrogated, it was revealed that the parcels were given to him by Jeff Nnaana-K to be sent to one Victor, resident in the Philippines,” the release stated.

Upon Nnaana-K’s arrest, he narrated that the parcels were not his. He said that they were given to him by one Offor based in Nigeria. They were to be given to Theophilus, the sender and then to be delivered through the Ghana Post Office to one Victor also a Nigerian resident in the Philippines.

Photo Source: NACOB

The two suspects have been arraigned before court pending further investigations and prosecution.

NACOB has therefore admonished the public to desist from delivering parcels for and on behalf of others, as it has been the conduit for trafficking narcotic drugs.

By O. Y. Addofoh||Ghana

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