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Movie production houses gave me bounced cheques; will be suing them – Actress

Jasmine Baroudi says some of the movie producers have not been treating actors fairly. Photo Source: Culled from the Internet

Popular Ghanaian actress, Jasmine Jamila Baroudi has threatened a court action after alleging that some movie production houses gave her bounced cheques.

According to Jasmine, she is expecting her money by Monday, October 1, if not her lawyers will proceed to court  because the production houses were given up to September ending this year to pay her.

“I’m hoping by Monday, I’ll get my money. Even if it’s ¢1.00 or ¢10.00, I need to get it,’ Jasmine said on Entertainment Review on Peace FM on Saturday.

Jasmine had recently posted on Instagram that if those production houses that owe her do not pay her what is rightfully hers, ‘I will take a different action should I see my image on screen especially since I’ve not received the rest of my pay.’

According to her, some of the movie producers have not been treating actors fairly, making actors go through a whole lot of stress.

Among other allegations, Jasmine says: “We can go on set early morning, sometimes, they don’t give us transport. Sometimes the food they give us, excuse me to say,…. you don’t give that to people who’re coming to work for you all day.

“We need energy to work. The food they give us sometimes is not good but we can’t complain.”

Jasmine stated that, sometimes, they [actors] are scared to complain because you may not be featured in other productions.

She, however, said ‘I’m on other production sets; I’m shooting other movies on other production sets, who’re treating us the way they’re supposed to treat us. That’s why I’m saying it’s not all the production houses, some of them.’

Responding to whether she still cannot complain about the ill treatment meted out to them by some of the producers, Jasmine said: “Before I decided to voice out my issues I couldn’t complain, but now I’m complaining.”

According to her, the producers still treat her and other actors unfairly!

She, therefore, urged the producers to treat all actors equally on set, whether beginners or experienced actors.

Jasmine further indicated that consumers only see what goes on the screens; ‘there is so much that goes into production, but no one knows,’ which is not right and unfair.


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