Kumasi: Protesting Zongo youth chase away IGP


The youth defied the Police’s riot control measures and pelted them with stones. Photo Credit: Citinewsroom

The Inspector General of Police and his entourage were chased away by some irate Zongo community members at the Kumasi Central Mosque as protests over the killing of seven of their youth continue.

The youth defied the Police’s riot control measures and pelted them with stones and other projectiles as they lined up to attend a meeting with the leaders of the Zongo community.

Photo Credit: Citinewsroom

Two police cars were seen driving to the mosque, but some protesting youth started throwing stones at them, and they turned away.

The actions of the youth prevented the Minister of Information and the Zongo and Inner Cities Development Minister from attending the meeting.

Photo Credit: Citinewsroom

They are reported to be holed up inside the Central Mosque.

Like on Thursday, the protesters are burning car tyres and have blocked all roads leading to the central mosque.

They have vowed to resist any attempt to prevent them from protesting the death of their colleagues.

Relatives of the seven men killed by police say the Kumasi police framed the deceased persons by planting weapons on them after gruesomely murdering them.

Photo Credit: Citinewsroom

They insist the seven men were not robbers but were instead killed in cold blood.

Though the police are yet to confirm the identities of the alleged robbers, the Regional Police Command said the operation that led to the killing of the seven was based on intelligence.

The seven were believed to be part of eight suspected robbers, whose attack led to the death of a Police Officer with the SWAT Unit of the Ashanti Regional Police Command at Ayirebikrom near Manso Nkwanta.

Incessant killing of Zongo youth a calamity; we’ll resist – Chiefs

The acting President of the Council of Zongo Chiefs in the Ashanti Region Alhaji Aliu Rufai Alao, has condemned the recent killings of youth in Zongo communities by the police.

He described the development as a “calamity” that has befallen the youth in Zongo communities.

According to him, the council will not tolerate the persistent and deliberate police brutality against the youth.

Speaking to Citi News after the alleged Zongo youth killings in the Ashanti Regional capital, Alhaji Aliu Rufai Alao resolved to pursue the matter until they reach a reasonable conclusion.

He called on Imams and other Muslim clerics to intensify their prayers for the youth in the community.

“Just about three months ago, a youth from the Zongo community called Alidu was killed by the police. We are still working to find a lasting solution to that matter which has not died out.”

Alhaji Aliu Rufai Alao also accused the police of peddling falsehood by tagging the slain youth as armed robbers.

“Today, we are waking up also to a rather unfortunate news about the shooting of seven of the youth from our community. What is worrying the most is that the police after killing them will bring in old ammunitions as exhibits and tag these innocent persons as armed robbers,” he said.



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