Include warranty in road contracts – Engineer advises government

Nana Opoku-Ware says government should include a warranty clause in all contracts awarded to contractors

 A Canadian based Ghanaian civil engineer, has advised that government should include a warranty in the process of awarding road contracts to contractors.

According to Nana Opoku-Ware, including a warranty in the process of awarding contracts will ensure good quality work done.

“Most of the works done by some of the contractors are of low quality. And this is sometimes due to poor monitoring by the various institutions responsible for monitoring of contracts awarded to our contractors in the Ghana. Some of them [contractors] also intentionally do shoddy works.

“But, I believe that for a good quality work to be done, government should include a warranty clause in all contracts awarded to contractors,” he told Marfo John (Sir John) on Si No Pi show on Ahoto FM in Kumasi.

Nana Opoku-Ware expressed concerns on the nature of ‘bad’ roads in the country and said this can be attributed to the nature of contracts and the leniency with which government deals with contractual agreement in the country.

Citizens have over the years been complaining about the nature of projects completed by some contractors in Ghana. These projects, including road, overpasses and buildings have been described as ‘shoddy,’ which Nana Opoku says are as a result of lack of warranty clause.

He, however, commended some contractors for some projects in the country adding that if the ‘warranty clause’ is enforced, contractors would pay keen attention to projects awarded them.

“This warranty clause would put contractors on their toes anytime a project is being carried out. They would pay attention to them. If a contractor has to fulfil this clause they would give us projects with a long lifespan.

“Why are roads always in bad state in a short period after completion? It’s because most of them have short lifespan. Bad roads, bridges and buildings. If that clause is introduced and a project doesn’t meet the lifespan given by the contractor, he would be made to repair them at his own cost,” he stated.

Nana Opoku tasked government to also provide the necessary resources to the contractors in order to boost the quality of projects.

“Government must fulfil its part of the agreement by providing the contractors with the necessary resources including making monies meant for a particular project available.

“Successive governments have also got their role to play in completing projects started by their predecessors,” he stated


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