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I’m Ghanaian but my ‘belly cord’ was buried in Nigeria – Nigerian actor Emmanuel France tells his story

Nigerian actor, Emmanuel France

Popular Nigerian actor, Emmanuel France says, most people identify him as a Nigerian but “I’m a Ghanaian born in Nigeria where my umbilical cord was buried.”

He however, stated that “I’m not even a Ghanaian but a ‘Gold Coastian,’ because I was born in Gold Coast era.”

Speaking on Atinka TV’s Rendezvous show monitored by The Probe this morning, he said he stayed in Ghana for over a decade.

He went back to Nigeria to realise his dream. He said, he later came back to Ghana and was writing stories for the Osofo Dadzie crew but they were not paying him enough as he was being paid GhC21.00 to GC29.00 per script, which discouraged him.

According to France, there was a time he took some four Osofo Dadzie stories to show them in Nigerian Cinemas and was paid N8, 000.00, per script and “I became an instant millionaire. If you were me, would you come back to Ghana?” As result, he decided to stay in Nigeria where he could make a lot of money out writing scripts.

France said he did all he could to get some persons in the film industry appreciate his stories which could have been developed into beautiful Ghanaian movies but to no avail.

“When I went to Nigeria they accepted these Ghanaian stories that were rejected here,” he indicated.

According to him, some Nigerian actors did not even attend school, but they are doing well in the industry, “here [Ghana] we have NAFTI, we have this, we have that yet […].”

He thus, appealed for support for the Ghanaian film industry and urged government to invest in it to develop it because ‘we use fish to catch fish.’

Emmanuel France has been featured in several movies in Nigeria including Take Me to Maama, No Time to Die and Emergency.

He is currently in Ghana for a premiere of a new movie Kukese later tonight at Global Cinema at Weija in Accra.

By: O. Y. Addofoh||Ghana

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