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Having s*x in the bathroom causes albinism? Find out!


Medically, Albinos suffer (Albinism) a condition that affects the pigment (colour) of the skin, hair and eyes. This pigment is called melanin. 

In albinism, the melanin is either less or absent altogether. This results in light-coloured skin, hair and/or eyes.

Most popular cultures across the globe have developed many myths and superstitions regarding people with albinism. This has led to numerous cases of kidnapping, violence and killing towards children, women and men with albinism in some Africa countries.

According to ADD International, the different beliefs and/or preconceptions held about people with albinism in most countries especially in Eastern Uganda are that: their homes are cursed and a child with albinism is a demon or a godly curse for wrongdoing by the family.

Others also believe that children with albinism were produced because, the ghost of a colonialist impregnated their mother.

Well, renowned Ghanaian herbalist cum spiritualist, Alhaji Akanayo appears to have the answer to what really causes albinism.

Dr. Alhaji Akanayo

He says having sex in the bathroom and getting pregnant as a result is the cause of the condition.

“Many people do not know that having sex in the bathroom causes albinism. Sex in the bathroom comes with its own [serious] spiritual implications and one of such is giving birth to an albino,” he said on Accra based Happy FM.

The spiritualist, however, stated that there is nothing wrong with people living with albinism.

So, the question is, with all these believes and/or preconceptions held about people with albinism, is having sex in the bathroom and getting pregnant really the cause of the condition?

By O. Y. Addofoh||Ghana

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