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GNAT pushes for juicy conditions of service for teachers

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President of the Ghana National Association of Teachers [GNAT], Philippa Larsen, says teachers need better conditions of service to motivate them remain in the profession, in order to curb the deficit in teachers in the profession.

She said a recent research showed that the deficit in teachers in the country’s educational sector is attributed to 7000 teachers exiting the profession annually.

According to the GNAT President, the issue came up as they conducted the research to find out why there is always a deficit in teachers in the educational sector.

“We realised that sometimes you find one, two or three teachers in a school that has six classrooms; meaning there is always deficit in teachers. So we decided to carry out a research and it came out that annually almost 7000 teachers exit the Ghana Education Service,” Madam Philippa Larsen indicated on Accra based Peace FM on Monday August 27.

According to her, lack of accommodation for teachers who are posted to places where they have to rent a room is the first reason for the exit.

She said, sometimes teachers are not accommodated at communities they work, meaning they have to stay at far places. So when it happens like that, ‘our research revealed that transportation becomes a problem, as the teachers mostly do not get to school on time.’

According to her, the situation then affect teaching and learning and teachers are blamed for failure of students in examination; ‘when it happens like that it becomes so frustrating.’

Madam Larsen said that these teachers then take up other jobs which are not stressful when the need arises.

“We also found that the working environment of some schools was very very bad! The structures of some schools have become death trap. Some are under trees, so when it rains, they have to close, when the sun is scorching they have to close [as a result, lack of interest in the profession, hence, the teachers exiting],” Ms Larsen explained.

She then appealed to the government to put the necessary measures in place to make teachers feel comfortable to remain in the profession.

She also appealed to the well to do in the country to assist government in solving the issues in the country’s educational system, in terms of providing accommodation for teachers and putting up school blocks for communities that lack.


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