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Eastern Region’s Abena crowned GMB queen 2018

Abena holds tightly her dummy cheque for GHC10,000. Photo Credit: 3news

Eastern Region’s representative for this year’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful, Abena, was on Monday crowned the queen of the coveted beauty show organised by TV3. Brong Ahafo’s representaive, Ohemaa was adjudged the 1st Runner-Up.

Abena in her SUV. Photo Credit: 3news

The Probe brought you live update of the grand finale of the GMB 2018 which took place on Sunday at the National Theatre in Accra.

See below for how events unfolded.


The Brong Ahafo Regional representative delivered a stunning performance on buying made in Ghana goods.

She wove her performance around her daughter who together with her friends were so much into foreign goods that she [the daughter] had planned buying all her accessories, for her impending wedding, from more than five countries around the world.

Ohema’s performance got the judges and the crowd applauding her.

First runner up for #GMB2018, Brong Ahafo Representative, Ohema. Photo Credit: 3news


Upper East Regional representative, Wekia, mounted the stage at 9:48pm. Performing on patronizing Ghana, she touched on the theme ‘feel Ghana.’

Wekia rekindled Ghanaians sense of patriotism during national competitions against other nations [like soccer] among others.

She was, however, rated low at the end of her performance as the judges said her delivery and act were incongruous.

The second runner up for #GMB2018, Upper East Regional representative, Wekia. Photo Credit: 3news


She took on the role as a travel agent who had three tourists, showing them around some of the nation’s tourist sites. Afrah shed tears when she got to the Elmina Castle, recounting how our forefathers suffered in the hands of the slave masters.

The Ashanti Regional representative, like Wekia, also got low ratings at the end of her performance as the judges said she should not have been emotional considering her role as a travel agent. Judge Bernie described her performance as okay but a ‘mis-match.’ Linda Ampaw’s comment was not different from Bernie’s.


“You are a show girl,” was the comment passed by Judge Linda Ampaw after a thrilling performance by Eastern Regional representative Abena.

Abena touched on ‘wear Ghana.’ She brought on stage ladies dressed in different traditional wears that suited the days of the week with the intention of reminding Ghanaians to adopt the culture of wearing Ghana.

For Judge Bernie, Abena’s introduction of rap into her act was her jackpot. “Your rap was innovative,” he said smiling.

Abena mounted the stage at 10:12pm.

The GMB2018 grand finale is currently on a commercial break.


GMB Model 2018

This is a segment that saw all the four contestants dressed in casual wear. Ohema mounted the stage at 10:40pm as she beautifully walked her steps to present a glass of juice to one of the show’s past queens.

Wekia followed, at 10:40pm, clad in her beautiful casual wear. Afrah took her turn, at 10:43pm, adorned in her sleek traditional wear with Abena, at 10:43pm. She also wore a beautiful dress. All the ladies presented a glass of juice to a past queen.

The two judges finally settled on Brong Ahafo Regional representative, Ohema, as the GMB Model 2018.

Abena and Oheme will have a sponsored trip to Dubai. Photo Credit: 3news

10:56pm: Fancy Gadam mounted the stage as he is currently giving the GMB audience, both at the National Theatre and watching from home, a dose of his good tunes.

11:06pm: The show is currently on a commercial break.

11:12pm: The show is back from break. Host Johnnie Hughes announces ‘Questions and Answers’ segment. Ohema is readying to start the segment.

11:14pm: Ohema picks her question and it is “How can we preserve our culture?”

1117pm: Wekia mounts the stage, she picks her question “As a cultural ambassador, what will be your role in putting Ghana on the global map?”

11:21pm: Afrah picks her question “What are your thoughts on immigration?”

11:23pm: Abena grabs her question: “As a young educated person, how would you convince your peers on the importance of maintaining their identity?”

11:29pm: The show goes on commercial break.

11:31pm: The show returns with host Johnnie Hughes singing along a banger from Samini as played by DJ for the night, Larry.

11:33pm: Composer of GMB’s signature tune, Michael Adangbma starts performing his rich African tunes.

11:51pm: Mr. Adangma is done with his performance. Johnnie Hughes gets hold of the mic now as he takes us to watch videos of projects the contestants intend pursuing.

12am: Johnnie Hughes is back, announcing the highest texter for the night.

12:03am: Designers who clothed the ladies mounted the stage.

12:05am: The ladies clad in beautiful dresses line up on stage. The big announcement is about to be made.

1208am: The 3rd Runner Up goes to Afrah from the Ashanti Region.

12:09: The 2nd Runner Up, Wekia of the Upper East Region.

12:15am: Eastern Region’s Abena is crowned Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2018.

By: O. Y. Addofoh||Ghana

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  1. Kofi Cheremeh

    I think the judges were unfair here with the B/A contestant. I thought Ohema was better in all performance than Abena. This I think the judges didn’t do well.

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