‘Ghana Beyond Aid won’t work, don’t rush’- Prophet Kobi tells Nana Addo

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi (left), Nana Addo (right)

Founder and leader of Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi says President Akufo Addo’s ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ agenda will not work as it needs ample time to manifest.

The president has, since assumption of office, been drumming home that he wants to see Ghana and Africa at large do away with foreign aid.

However, speaking on Atinka TV today, Friday, June 1, Prophet Badu Kobi said that President Akufo Addo’s dreams are too ambitious.

“I have listened a lot from President Akufo Addo. I’m saying this on television today. I don’t hate the man as a person. I don’t even hate him but I dislike certain things … it’s too ambitious. It won’t work. The time for Ghana Beyond Aid is not now,” he said.

Prophet Kobi added that he “recently prophesied in church, Ghana’s prosperity starts at 2032. I turned off my television when I [first] saw the President say he is in a hurry. Even God is not in a hurry, how much more my President who should take time to put things in place. Where are we going? Ghana must never be in a hurry.”

He said that most of the leaders Ghanaians elect into power are mere politicians who are interested in building their political party’s headquarters, siphon money for themselves and get their children enrolled in schools overseas.

Prophet Badu Kobi and Nana Addo shaking hands

Answering the question as to whether churches must be taxed to widen the country’s tax net, Prophet Badu Kobi said that he would support such a call. He, however, would also call on the state to pay the church 10 percent of such taxes to be collected from the church as tithe.

“Jesus answering the tax question said give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God. The state must return to the church 10 percent of the tax we will pay them and maintain the 90 percent and see if God will not bless the nation.”

By Juliana Ama Gyan||Ghana

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