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GFA disciplinary committee should be full time job – Coach Sarpong suggests

Coach J.E.A. Sarpong

Former Ebusua Dwarfs coach, Coach J.E.A. Sarpong has suggested that the Ghana Football Association’s disciplinary committee should be made a full time job for people who will be appointed to work there when it is re-instituted.

According to Mr. Sarpong, the Normalisation committee which will soon be set up by FIFA to steer affairs of football in the country, for the meantime, should strongly look at the disciplinary committee so that they do not ‘look below what is expected of them.’

Speaking on GTV Sports+ on Wednesday, August 22, he says, the Normalisation Committee should also look at the management of the junior teams. “Why people go in for coaches who they like, who they can control, you know… So that they dictate to you. Put [this player in, put that player in]. If you don’t do that they tell you, you’re not fit for the job; you understand? So all these areas should be looked at,” Mr Sarpong stated.

Mr. Sarpong further indicated that the Committee should look at the finances of the clubs and players.

According to Coach Sarpong, some players are ‘paid peanuts,’ and they can’t survive, because, some of the players have wives.

He said because the players are not paid well, sometimes, what they go through seems like slavery.


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