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Fight Profane Songs Like You Fought Galamsey – Nana Ampadu tells Presenters

Ghanaian Highlife legend Nana Kwame Ampadu has appealed to radio and TV presenters to collaborate and fight against the high rise of profane songs in the country.

Expressing his disappointment at the nature of music in the country, on Ghana’s 58th  Republic Day, July 1, he said the current trend of music has a greater tendency of destroying the youth.

Nana Ampadu said this in an interview with Kumasi based Ahoto FM, stating that there is the need for radio and TV presenters to ensure that the lyrics of songs are good before they play them.

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According to him, radio and TV presenters are to be blamed for the rampant profane music on the airwaves, because they are paid by the artistes to play them.

The Highlife legend further stated that presenters should not expect government to ban profane music if they do not come together and fight against it like they fought ‘galamsey’ [illegal mining].

“If successive governments have failed to act on the ban of profane songs and videos on the airwaves, why can’t you presenters in the country collaborate and stop playing such songs on your airwaves,” he asked.

“If you continue to do that they will stop producing such songs. You stood up against galamsey because it was affecting our natural resources and these songs are also spoiling our generation. Do that and I believe government will support you,” Nana Ampadu suggested.

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He wondered why presenters who play these songs call him [Nana Ampadu] and his comtemporaries on their shows and ask if such songs are good for the airwaves.

“I don’t see why presenters in Ghana always play those profane songs and later call us to find out if they are good for the generation.

“How many radio stations in Ghana play our old highlife songs for this same generation we are talking about? About 98 percent of radio and TV stations play these contemporary songs which are full of profane words because of money. What I can say is that you, presenters, have a wider coverage so rise up and we will support you,” he added.

Nana Ampadu, therefore, urged government to reintroduce music into the curriculum of education in the country.

By Marfo John||Ghana

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