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FIFA’s caution; no cause for alarm – Foh-Amoaning

Lawyer Foh-Amoaning says there is so much international law on Ghana’s side

Lawyer Moses Foh-Amoaning says Ghana can respond ‘nicely’ to FIFA’s letter of caution to suspend the Ghana Football Association [GFA] with immediate effect if the petition to start liquidation process of the GFA is not withdrawn by Monday, August 27, 2018 at 12h00 (CET).

According to Lawyer Foh-Amoaning, since there is evidence that there has been some malpractices at the GFA which has called for the action being taking by government, there is ‘no cause for alarm’ of FIFA’s caution of suspension.

Speaking on Peace FM on Tuesday morning, August 14, Lawyer Foh-Amoaning said FIFA even accepts the fact that the GFA is regulated under the laws of the country.

He said that: “For example, FIFA is even established under Swiss Laws. Today, if they breach the processes of incorporation…… Or if they engage in corrupt practices, the Swiss authority can actually dissolve that company or hold the people responsible.”

According to Lawyer Foh-Amoaning, the malpractices at the GFA has been reported to FIFA based on which they have even banned one of their officials, and CAF has also banned some referees; that shows that the liquidation process of the GFA by government is based on some wrong doing. So you can’t say it amounts to intervene. No! no!!…Not at all!!!.

“Then that means when something is going on in the country, the state can’t say anything about it, no! ….. It’s not their authority,” he stated.

According to Lawyer Foh-Amoaning, there is so much international law on Ghana’s side when it comes to the liquidation process of the GFA.

He however indicated that the country should not ignore the letter from FIFA, but respond to it accordingly and indicate reasons that:

  1. All the issues surrounding the GFA fall within the jurisdiction of Ghana
  2. Those issues are issues that FIFA itself does not condone by their own Statutes, and
  3. The process the government is following to deal with the issues is not to collapse football in the country. But the manner the GFA managed football amounted to offending the laws of the country. So we are dissolving it. When we are done we will put together a new body or line up the process for establishing a new legal entity to run football within the jurisdiction of the country.

He says the above mentioned reasons indicate that what the country is doing does not contradict FIFA’s policies, rather, supporting it, and so, it does not amount to interference.

Lawyer Foh-Amoaning therefore noted that Ghana can respond to FIFA’s letter ‘nicely’ and if they still go ahead to suspend GFA as mentioned in their letter, any International Arbitration Body like the Court of Arbitration for Sports and the International Court for Justice will secure Ghana’s case very easily.

By O. Y. Addofoh||Ghana

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