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EP Church Pastor banished from Jasikan for preaching against proposed Oti Region

A Reverend Minister of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church [EP Church], Ghana branch at Jasikan in the Volta region has been banished from the town for preaching against the Oti region which is yet to be created out of the region.

Reverend F.W.K. Atta, who is the Superintendent Minister of EP Church branches at Jasikan and its environs is reported to have preached against the creation of the Oti Region during church service.

“This Oti region which is going to be created, I know some leaders and chiefs of this town are in serious support of its creation. But it’ll never be created! […],” Peace FM’s Kwabena Ntow quoted Reverend Atta in a news programme monitored by The Probe.

The statement by Reverend Atta got to the Gyaasehene,  Nana Osei Boakye of Jasikan through some of the church members and he [Reverend] was invited to the chief’s residence to explain himself, according to the report.

When he was asked by the chief whether indeed he made the alleged statement, he confirmed to have said so, Kwabena Ntow indicated.

The decision of the chiefs after their meeting with the pastor was to banish him from the town for being against a move they think is long overdue.

The chiefs of the town then informed the EP Church leaders at their headquarters at Ho in the Volta Region, and notified them of their decision against Reverend Atta for his statement.

The leaders of the church are reported to have gone to the town to render an apology on his behalf after accepting that his statement was inexcusable.

They [leaders] had also decided to suspend him  accordingly.

The chiefs of Jasikan indicated that since they [leaders] have resolved to suspend him, then, there is no need for him to stay in the town, they will banish him. The leaders pleaded but to no avail as the chiefs argued that they cannot guarantee his safety in the town, as some of the irate youth may attack him.

Reverend F.W.K. Atta and his family have since been banished from the Jasikan township.


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