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Don’t show children tagged witches on television – Alhaji Akanayo cautions

Dr. Alhaji Akanayo

Popular spiritualist cum herbalist, Dr. Alhaji Akanayo has cautioned pastors who show the faces of children considered as witches and wizards, on television, to desist from the act.

Speaking on Accra based Happy FM, today, August 25, 2018, the Spiritualist said that the practice of these pastors has become so rampant that the nation must rise up to fight it before it gets out of hand.

“It is totally wrong for any pastor to show the faces of children on [live] television. Do we know what we are doing to these children by branding them as witches and wizards and showing them as such to the whole world?” asked Dr. Alhaji Akanayo.

Worried Dr. Alhaji Akanayo noted that some of the children who suffer this humiliation, on television, are not witches/wizards.

“Most of these children are not witches. Some of these self-acclaimed pastors are unable to tell whether this person or that is a witch. In many instances, it is the witches themselves who confess to the pastors and then, annoyingly, they [pastors] claim ‘victory’ over such.

“It will interest you to know that, many of these pastors are even married to witches. Three of the most popular pastors on radio/television, in Ghana, I can tell you for a fact, are married to witches. They are unable to see their own wives being witches yet they brag on radio and television of casting out spirits tormenting people,” he said.

Dr. Alhaji Akanayo threw a challenge to the said pastors to invite him to their churches so he shows them witches/wizards sitting among their congregations which they themselves [pastors] cannot see.

He noted that witchcraft cannot be cast out of a person who has it. Rather, he indicated, witchcraft is suppressed so the carrier [person] is unable to operate anymore.

By O.Y. Addofoh||Ghana

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