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Doctor who forged a pregnancy result claiming Nayas 1 was pregnant to enable her torment Ernest Opoku has been arrested

Ghanaian actress Nayas 1 is in deep trouble as on top of her assault charge, it was found she had faked a pregnancy to use as a prop to beat gospel musician Ernest Opoku.

Whilst the duo did have steamy (and even menstrual) s£x many times, it has emerged that Nayas was never pregnant as she has claimed all this while.

According to latest reports, Nayas had initially presented a forged pregnancy test to convince Ernest Opoku that she was pregnant, and the ruse was only discovered when the gospel singer insisted on another test after her arrest.

After the new test proved negative, police have reportedly picked up the doctor who forged the first test for interrogation.

A source close to the gospel singer revealed that Nima Police are holding him in custody to determine why he forged a medical report.


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