Coalition to pray against ‘homosexuality agenda’

Gays at a party, Accra. Photo credit:

The National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values says it will be organising a nation-wide prayer and fasting programme aimed at effectively dealing with the ‘danger posed by the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) agenda that is knocking profusely and incessantly at the doors of Ghana.’

According to the group, as Christians and believers in God, they see the LGBTQ agenda as satanic, demonic and rebellious agenda aimed at degrading the sanctity of humanity.

A press statement signed by the Coalition’s Vice Chairman, Dr. Samuel Ofori Onwona says that God hates sin but He loves the sinner, adding that they are therefore enjoined to love homosexuals but hate the practice of homosexuality.

”LGBTQ is an attempt to destroy the sanctity and dignity of humanity. It is a rebellious act that originates from the pit of hell. It is engineered by Satan to destroy the family unit through which human communities are propagated for survival,” the statement said.

The Coalition is set for a three day fast as a prelude to the first national republic day prayer chain and vigil in the coming days.

By O. Y. Addofoh||Ghana

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