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BANGER ALERT: Barima Sidney’s ‘Mpinatwe’ remix ft Guru released

Barima Sydney has released a remix version of ‘Mpinatwe.’ Photo Source: Culled from the Internet.

Months after dropping his sing-along song dubbed ‘Mpinatwe,’ controversial musician Barima Sidney has today, July 20, released a remix version that features rapper Guru.

Speaking to the The Probe ahead of the release of the remix, Sidney said many were those who called for the NKZ boss to be featured on the song.

“I understood the fans urging me to get Guru on Mpinatwe. Guru is one fine rapper in our music circles currently and I bet you, he did fantastic on the song,” Sidney noted.

The song produced by popular beat maker Kin Dee captures the odds in marriages which, at times, get couples regret ever marrying. Guru, in his bars, jabs persons who get lured by money into marriages and later seek refuge in adultary.

Sidney is famed for songs like ‘Apuskeleke,’ ‘Africa Money’ and ‘Scent No.’

By Juliana Ama Gyan||Ghana

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