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ATTENTION: Berekum needs Obinim sticker!

The Mpataseɛ road

Berekum, the then Golden City of the Brong Ahafo region has turned to be the filthiest and underdeveloped city for the past years.

The good people of Berekum have suffered a lot in the hands of individuals and politicians. God is love, DKM, Jasta Motors, Little Drop among others are known to have duped my people of huge sums of monies. [Human] lives were lost, some marriages went hit the rocks with businesses massively collapsing.

This, nonetheless, through hard work, I can boldly speak for many citizens of Berekum who suffered these hard-knocking financial blows that they are, today, back on their feet.

Walk through the principal streets of Berekum and you could count about thousands of tricycle motor bikes popularly referred to as ‘Pragya’ which one cost no less than ¢13,000.00. Without delving into the legality of whether the Pragyas are allowed to operate as a means of transport, it is currently providing jobs to those who could have struggled to have decent meal in a day.

Yes, jobs have been created and taxes are being paid to the government through the Berekum Municipal Assembly. Ordinarily, taxes collected by government are meant to be ploughed back to assist in the developmental agenda of the various assemblies. So, could this be said of Berekum? Dear reader outside the jurisdiction of Berekum, worry not travel down to verify such. Developmental projects have eluded Berekum the way urine is to mother hen.

I personally wonder why an ͻware contest has never been organized here in Berekum. I think our pot-holed roads absolutely qualify to be used in place of carved ͻware.

The tenure of former President John Agyekum Kufour saw some sort of help coming the way of the good people of Berekum. Tarred roads were seen!

However, due to apparent greediness of persons who supervised the roads, the construction/roads did not last.

Berekum can boast of two Members of Parliament [MPs] of which one is a minister but yet we have seen nothing good come our way in terms of development.

All we see is patching of deplorable roads such as the Mpataseɛ road. No wonder that once, a Municipal Chief Executive of the City prescribed attire citizens must wear during dry season all because we had complained about dust emanating from the deplorable roads in town.

We had MCEs whose interest was to renovate their [official] residence, for their personal gains, neglecting the deplorable roads in Berekum.

My City can boast of many deplorable roads such as the Mpataseɛ, Sͻfokyerɛ, Kyiribaa, Nyamennaeɛ, Anyinasu, Kyerɛ Yaw Kurom, Anyimom, Tewbabi, Akrofro, Nkyɛnkyɛmaamu and the Brennyɛkwa roads.

We can also boast of a very hip refuse dump (borla) at Senase, New Mpataseɛ and among others of which no attention has been placed on them for its removal/evacuation.

One man I think has disappointed his people is the former Electoral Commission boss, Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan who comes from Anyimom. He was unable to help the good people of Anyimom to have a tarred road. I must admit that was not his mandate but he could have used his influence in one way or the other to get, say, some philanthropists go to the aid of the people of his hometown.

Berekum contributes massively to the growth of Ghana’s economy by providing natural resources such as timber, cocoa, cashew, foodstuffs and many more. We have teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, civil servants, bankers, engineers and others all contributing to the nation’s development.

The existence of one college of education, a nursing training college, seven senior high schools (both private and public) and more than one thousand basic schools in the municipality will be meaningless if students are trained and later turn their backs at the very City that ‘afforded’ them a place for study.

As it stands, it appears that the only way out for Berekum to regain its accolade of ‘Golden City’ and rid all intentional deprivation of development is for us to get just one Obinim sticker and place it somewhere in town.

By Victor Kyereh-Yeboah,

A native of Berekum.


Views expressed, here, are solely that of the writer and do not reflect, in anyway, the editorial policy of The Probe.


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