Anas has been receiving threats, but he is tough – Baako

Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, the Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper, has described as “wicked motive” to disclose Anas’ identity.

Mr Baako says he does not understand what some people want to achieve in disclosing the identity of investigative Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas. He believes that it is just an evil intention.

He was speaking on Peace FM’s morning show ‘Kokrokoo’ today, July 11, indicating that Anas has been receiving threats for the past weeks since his [Anas’] identity became an issue.

“The motive in terms of the identity, I think, is a very wicked one, and I’m not prepared to help anybody to continue engaging in that. You must have murderous intent to be concentrating on the issue of identity,” Mr Baako stated.

Mr Baako says those trying to disclose Anas’ identity have an evil intention. Photo Source: Culled from the Internet

Mr Baako’s remarks come couple of days after a passport believed to bear the identity of Anas was made public on social media.

Responding to the question whether this identity issue bothers him, Mr Baako said: “Oh! What I’ve seen, and I’m happy that Anas is strong enough to contain it. But for me, the kind of things I’ve experienced in this country, the things I’ve gone through, so many things. I don’t know what will worry me.

“Maybe my wife and children, maybe; otherwise, I’m like erh…an iron, a stone. I’m not scared of anything. It’s not possible.”

“I’ve come face-to-face with death before. I shouldn’t be sitting here. It’s just by God’s grace that I’m now 64 years old. I ought not to be alive. And for Anas, I’m happy he’s a strong guy. And erh…he’ll overcome this stuff,” he further explained.

According to Mr Kweku Baako, what is important for Anas is to clear himself of all the allegations levelled against him.

“For the issue of identity, let’s hope God will help him as well; but for me, I don’t want to discuss the identity,” he said.

Mr Baako stated that he has a good reason for not being interested in discussing Anas’ identity, and it is not because he is afraid of his [Anas’] safety.

“Forget about the fear! There’s no fear in him. He’s been empowered to the extent not to fear. If there’s some kind of fear in you, you’re neutralised, you’re immobilised; that’s what fear does. And there’s no fear in him. Fortunately, he’s in good company, when it comes to people who’re not afraid of anything/anybody.”

By O. Y. Addofoh||Ghana


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