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[Analysis]: Saudi Arabia’s Zeros At The World Cup

Saudi Arabia 1998 world cup squad

Saudi Arabia has a history of losing by goals to zero in their world cup encounters, especially in openings. In their appearance in 1998, they lost 4-0 to the host nation, France.

Saudi Arabia 2002 world cup squad

They qualified for 2002 world cup which was hosted by South Korea and Japan, they were thrashed by Germany, 8 – 0.

Saudi Arabia 2006 world cup squad

In 2006 world cup hosted in Germany, Saudi Arabia made an appearance. They were again defeated by Ukraine, 4-0.

They were absent in the 2010 world hosted in South Africa and 2014 world cup hosted in Brazil.

Saudi Arabia 2018 world cup squad

They have appeared in the 2018 world cup, which is underway in  Russia. They lost 5-0 to Russia in the group [A] opening on Thursday, June 14.

They come up against Uruguay in their second group stage match on Wednesday, June 20. And meet Egypt in their last group stage match on Monday, June 25.

We wait to see how many more ZEROS they make in this World Cup.

Source: The Probe

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