4 arrested after failed attack on police in Northern Region

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At least four persons have been arrested after a failed attack in an attempt to free a suspect from custody at a police station in the Northern region.

The Northern Regional Police Public Relations Officer [PRO], DSP Mohammed Yusuf Tanko has confirmed the attack to the media and said the four are currently in custody.

According to DSP Yusuf Tanko, on Saturday a complaint was lodged by a contractor who indicated that some youth obstructed him while working on his land at Vitin Target in the Northern region.

He said the youth went and cleared the contractor’s land with a hired tractor destroying some building items including bags of cement and building blocks.

DSP Tanko said, the police today, apprehended the tractor operator.

“The youth consequently, came to the police station demanding release of the suspect. And we told them we’re not done investigating the case so we cannot release him.

“They then wanted to use force to free the suspect from the police. So we swiftly mobilised and arrested four of them, the rest were able to run away,” he explained.

DSP Yusuf Tanko indicated that the first accused together with the four would be arraigned before court tomorrow.

Charges against them include conspiracy to commit crime, obstruction, causing damage and offensive conduct, he said.


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